Ambient Colorado
Ambient Colorado

Appreciate the natural sounds of a Colorado backyard.

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Series illustration: Mia Rincón

Episode photograph: Marek Uliasz / Alamy (Storm cloud over Fort Collins, Colorado)

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Welcome to Ambient Colorado. I’m Martin Burch.

Today … a new perspective on a familiar, domestic landscape … as we listen very closely to a northern Colorado backyard.

Our recording equipment makes it easier to be a patient, quiet listener … revealing ever-present details which can be easily missed.

When most people are still asleep … a whole bush full of House Sparrows are waking up and chatting away in the pre-dawn light … as sprinklers water the garden.

Later … we get close enough to touch the black-capped chickadees eating from a bird feeder and bathing in a small fountain.

Big sounds deserve a closer listen, too. Crickets chirp as a train passes through. A thunderstorm rolls in. And birds sing as the recycling is collected.

Nature is all around us … if you listen closely.

Sounds of Loveland, Colorado … recorded by Jacob Job.

Series Producer … Martin Burch.

Series Adviser … Ann Marie Awad.

Sound Design by Patrick McnameeKing.

Music by R. J. Fechter.

I’m Sarah Vitak in Denver, Colorado.

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