Elk Up Close

Ambient Colorado
Ambient Colorado
Elk Up Close

Get close to the autumn elk rut in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Hear elk bugling, a herd of elk running through a flooded meadow, two males cooling down by drinking and wallowing in the mud, a bull elk scratching his antlers on a tree before playfully sparring with another male, the sounds of elk eating grass, two bulls fighting, and elk calling to each other in the rain.

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Episode photograph: Bull elk (Cervus canadensis) chasing cow during the autumn rut with tongue sticking out in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (Steve Boice / Alamy)

Series illustration: Mia Rincón

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Welcome to Ambient Colorado. I’m Sarah Vitak.

Rangers tell visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park … stay far away from big animals like elk. Especially during the rut … this large deer’s autumn mating season.

The sound of elk bugling is often heard far off in the distance this time of year.

Now you’ll have the chance to get up close and personal. A herd of elk will charge past your ears on their way to a watering hole. They’ll practically breathe down your neck … as they eat … drink … and wallow in the mud. Males will spar with their antlers … right in front of you.

Through the use of special techniques and equipment … we’re able to safely record sound without disturbing the animals. This is a rare opportunity to experience the autumn rut happening all around you. 

Sounds of elk in Rocky Mountain National Park … recorded by Jacob Job.

Sound Design by Patrick McnameeKing.

Music by R. J. Fechter.

Series Producer … Martin Burch.

Series Adviser … Ann Marie Awad.

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I’m Sarah Vitak in Denver, Colorado.

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