Spring Day

Ambient Colorado
Ambient Colorado
Spring Day

Spring comes to the western edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

The recordings in this episode were made in the spring and summer of 2021 to study the effects of the East Troublesome Fire, a wildfire which burned the previous autumn.

Field recordings by Jacob Job. Hear more from Jacob Job at https://www.jacobrjob.com/

Sound design by Patrick McnameeKing.

Music by R. J. Fechter. Hear more from R. J. Fechter on https://rjfechter.bandcamp.com and https://www.twitch.tv/rjandj

Series producer: Martin Burch

Series illustration: Mia Rincón

Episode photograph: Brian Wolski / Alamy (Kawuneeche Valley)

Special thanks to Ann Marie Awad.


Welcome to the Ambient Colorado podcast. I’m Sarah Vitak.

Today, spring comes to the western edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. We’re high up, in the mountain meadows and evergreen forests, near the headwaters of the Colorado river.

First, you’ll hear a dawn chorus of birds: robin, snipe, sparrow … in full song at 6:30 in the morning.

The birds continue to sing, even as snow begins to fall. Clumps of heavy, fresh snow slide off the pine trees and land with gentle thumps.

When the sun comes out, and the weather warms, the snow melts and flows into the creeks and lakes here.

Finally, as the sun sets, the chorus frogs sing, joined by an owl and small water birds.

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