Ambient Colorado
Ambient Colorado

Tour the rivers and creeks of north-central Colorado.

Field recordings by Jacob Job. Hear more from Jacob Job at https://www.jacobrjob.com/

Sound design by Patrick McnameeKing.

Music by R. J. Fechter. Hear more from R. J. Fechter on https://rjfechter.bandcamp.com and https://www.twitch.tv/rjandj

Series producer: Martin Burch

Series adviser: Ann Marie Awad

Narrator: Sarah Vitak

Series illustration: Mia Rincón

Episode photograph: Larry Lamsa (American Dipper, Gunnison County) CC-BY 2.0


Welcome to the Ambient Colorado podcast. I’m Sarah Vitak.

A gentle thundershower, near Black Canyon Creek in eastern Rocky Mountain National Park, begins our journey along Colorado’s waterways.

Melting snow, and spring rain, swell Colorado’s creeks and feed the state’s iconic rivers.

Along the North Fork of the Cache la Poudre River, little gray birds, called American Dippers, sing as they dip their fluffy round heads under the water, looking for something to eat.

Later, sparrows sing ​​along North Saint Vrain Creek, which feeds into the South Platte River.

We end on a June morning with the roar of Tonahutu Creek overflowing its banks as it fills Grand Lake downstream.

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