Ambient Colorado
Ambient Colorado

Let the many winds of Colorado carry you across the state.

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Episode photograph: The state flag of Colorado blowing in a breeze under a blue sky (Darryl Brooks / Alamy Stock Photo)
Series illustration: Mia Rincón

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Welcome to Ambient Colorado. I’m Sarah Vitak.

Let the many winds of Colorado carry you across the state.

We begin with the breeze whistling over the edge of Cucharas Canyon in the south.

Rustling leaves of aspen trees create unique music in this canyon.

We’ll add the rush of wind though spruce trees from the Fraser Experimental Forest … west of Denver.

Then we visit the windswept prairies of Northern Colorado. On the Pawnee National Grassland … windmills are rhythmically pumping water for grazing cattle.

Finally … we return to Cucharas Canyon at night … where a chorus of crickets join the whistling wind.


Winds of Colorado … recorded by Jared Blake, Jacob Job and Martin Burch.

Sound Design by Patrick McnameeKing.

Music by R. J. Fechter.

Script by Martin Burch.

Series Adviser … Ann Marie Awad.

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I’m Sarah Vitak in Denver, Colorado.

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